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Hi readers! Thanks for dropping by.. In this entry, let me share with some possible items that are essential in personalized learning classroom.

< 1. Learning through experiencing >

Experience is really helpful in pupils’ learning. So, when to carry out any activity in class, teachers should let them experience by themselves so that they can understand the concept better and remember it for long term.

< 2. Enhance CCTS >

Teachers also should ensure that the activity that they want to carry out in class will enhance the pupils’ creative and critical thinking skills so that they can be a good learner where they can reason on every aspect and be more creative.

< 3. Use ICT tools >

The used of ICT will enhance the pupils’ interest in learning as nowadays pupils love to use ICT tools. So, teachers can encourage pupils to learn by using ICT tools in class and let them have the experience to use it.

< 4. Fun learning >

Pupils also love to learn in a fun way. Thus, try to create as much fun learning such as games, quizzes and dramatization as possible.

< 5. Students participation >

Most teachers like to talk and talk and talk in class and the pupils just listen to them. Teachers actually need to change their ‘talking time’ by giving the chances to the pupils to participate and be more active in class. So, create activities that may encourage them to participate.

< 6. Hands-on activities >

Pupils will remember better if they can hold the things and get the chances to use and explore them. So, give the chances to them by carrying out more hands-on activities so that they can have better understanding.

< 7. Feedback and assessment >

This stage is very important even though most teachers do not realize how does feedback and assessment affect the learning. This step is really meaningful where the pupils can reflect on their own work after getting feedback from others. Moreover, by assessing others’ work, pupils will actually improve their thinking skills in evaluating their friends’ work. Indirectly, they are trying to be honest and help each other to make improvement.

So, that’s all what I want to share with you. Perhaps it does help you in your future teaching. Good Luck! =)


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Edit me, please!

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Which one do you prefer? For me, I do find that an e-book is more interesting compared to a book. An e-book has many advantages in attracting the children to read. However, we need to ensure that the e-book has the specifications that can help children’s learning. So, here I would like to share some parts of an e-book adapted from the internet source that I have edited to a better one.


In terms of cover page, I have made a major change for the old e-book. This is because the cover page for the old e-book was not so attractive. Even though I have put a picture, but the title seemed to be difficult for the children to read. So it might look very dull for the children to see, as cover page plays important role in attracting the children to read the story. Hence, for the edited e-book, I put a clearer text for the title.



















In the old e-book, the illustrations were no so attractive and quite funny.. The picture of animal was quite confusing as some children might not recognize what the animal was. So I have changed the animal to a better one which is the animated horse. Perhaps this animated horse will make the children more interested to read the story.


















:: FONT ::

For the edited e-book, I changed the font type, colour, and size to suit with the children need. I used the font with similar with their hand writing (letter a), black font and bigger font so that they can read clearly.



















The last part that I edited was on the background. This is because I don’t think that colourful background or with picture as background is suitable for an e-book. It will make the children very hard to see and they also will be more attracted to the background rather than the story itself. Thus, I chose  a plain background with a simple tone colour. (See the BEFORE and AFTER pictures above to see the changes that I made for the background.. TQ)



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Oh, no!! My students become WILD!!

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Let’s turn our students become wild!! Haha..

But how? Let me introduce you an interesting game.

But before that, you must ensure that you will integrate the Personalized Learning by using that game..


It means assessment, teaching, curriculum and school strategies designed to ensure that the talents of every individual can be fully realised. It aims to raise standards for all by setting high expectations based on a sound knowledge and understanding of every child. This is not individualised learning where pupils sit alone at a computer, nor is it pupils left to do their own thing. It is the practical application of the insight that every single child has a talent of some kind or another. It is up to teachers and schools to recognise that talent and develop it. It is also used to promote individual and group learning, as well as teaching.


I chose this game to be integrated with this Personalized Teaching method because it is very attractive and suitable for the children. It is not only for language class, but also for the science class. Other than that, this game give chances to the children to build their own wild character. This can enhance their thinking as well as their creativity in fun learning.


Year > 3

Proficiency> Average

Learning Objectives> By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to draw own wild character and present to class.


1. Teacher pre-teaches the body parts to the pupils.

2. Teacher lets them recalls the animals that they have learned.

3. Teacher introduces the game. Teacher asks them to imagine that they are in the other world of animal habitat.

4. Teacher instructs the pupils to create own wild self using that tool.

5. Teacher demonstrates to them how to play it.

6. Pupils create their own wild self until last step.

7. Pupils give a name to their own character.

8. Teacher asks the pupils to present their character to the class.

9. Teacher calls out a few pupils to present by taking turn.

10. After each presentation, teacher asks the other pupils to give feedback and rate their friend’s presentation as well as their character.

11. Teacher proceeds the lesson with guessing activity where the pupils have to guess which animal has that particular body part.

12. The pupils guess based on the picture shown.

: : PREVIEW : :

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Let Them Be The Millionaires!!

February 28, 2011 at 1:19 am (Uncategorized)

Salam and hi friends!! We meet again.. I am sure you guys are very familiar with the game called Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, right? Last time there was a television program that showed this game, which was played by the adults. So, how about if we carry out this game to the children?? Hurrmmm…

Last week we have been assigned to come out with a Who Wants To Be A Billionaire game for the children. The templates were given and we need to improvise it to suit the students’ needs. So, we as a group, has looked into some aspects before we improvise it.

1. The number of students.

The first and foremost that came to our mind is about the students’ enrollment in the classroom. As what we have seen before, this game only be played by a person. However, how could we apply this game into a big classroom? So, after a small discussion, we found out that we need to make this activity as a group as we assumed that there is only one LCD projector and one laptop in the classroom. Thus, what we planned for the class is, students are divided into two big groups. One will be the player and the other group will be the emcee, who will read out the question. This is to ensure that all students have the chances to play and take part in the game.

2. Graphics.

It’s done about the first criterion. The second part that we need to take into account in improvising this game is about the graphics that we need to use. Since this game is meanly created to the children as the target players, so we have to make sure that they really love and attract to play this game. COLOURFUL, ATTRACTIVE!! Yes, those words should come out from their mind when playing this game. Thus, what we have done to our game was we have chosen the attractive background and used colourful font and pictures in the game.


# it is meaningful and attractive activities will really help students’ learning.

# it is not easy to prepare a fun learning, but yet it will be beneficial to everyone.

# human capacities are infinite ~ every group can come out with different games based on their own creativity.

# giving and receiving feedback make us reflect on our own and people’s strengths and weaknesses.

# cooperation is very meaningful to come out with the best product.


? can I improve on the weaknesses

? do all the weaknesses due to my own fault

? can this game be applied in my future classroom


From first and last stages, I learned that it is not easy to create fun learning in class, but it is really meaningful to the students and we really help them in their learning. There are many criteria to be considered before implementing any game. For the last process, when looked into others’ pieces of work and gave some evaluation, I learned that this make me realize what more should I improve on my own work. And of course, by giving feedback to them, perhaps we can help each other and learn from our own weaknesses.

I could see that by getting feedback from others, I realized so many things. Do they give the honest feedback? What more that I need to improve on? Have I done the best? Can I do better in the future? Hurm~

Finally, about the game, I could see that this game will really make the students enjoy learning in class and of course it is practical to be applied in the classroom. So, let’s try in our future class! GOOD LUCK~ ^_^

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Challenge your friends with WORDS!

February 15, 2011 at 7:32 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi, readers! Thanks for spending your time to open and read my blog. For this entry, I would like to share an online game which I like most and it is beneficial to all ages especially the children. Do you want to know what game is?


This is how the game looks like. I’m sure some of you are familiar with this game and addicted to play it like me. Hehe… The game is WORD CHALLENGE which is one of the online games that you can play using your facebook account.

So, what is the game all about? And why am I choosing this game to be used in my classroom?

As what you can see, this game will really help player’s vocabulary in forming word from 3 to 6 letter words, based on 6 letters provided as fast as you can. After playing a game of ‘Word Challenge’ the player will be awarded a ranking, or ‘Vocabulary Type’, which is to compare the level of vocabulary with other players. Based on this, a player will think quickly and remember all the words that he knows to form a word. Thus, this will motivate the player to think in a faster way and recall their vocabulary. Indirectly, the player’s skill on typing can be improved and faster. On the other hand, students also will improve their vocabulary as this game also will give the meaning of each word, like ad dictionary. So, the students will not just recall the spelling, but also recall the meaning.

Here is the samples of few ‘Vocabulary Type’ which will arrange you according to the rank.

Now, how to play this game? And how can I apply this game in the class?

First of all, if I have the opportunity to use the computer lab, I will bring my students there and let them to sit 3 in a group. The language focus of this lesson is vocabulary. For example, nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Since this lesson focus general vocabulary, thus, I would recommend it to be used by the end of the semester as to let them recall all words that they have learned. Indirectly, teachers also can use this lesson to evaluate students’ vocabulary. Below is the samples on how to play this game and description on this lesson.

Year : 4 (Average level of proficiency).

Topic: Add on your vocabulary.

Language focus: Vocabulary. Eg: Nouns, adjectives, adverbs.

Previous knowledge: Pupils are familiar with most of the vocabulary.

Learning objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

  1. list down at least 20 words in each level of game.
  2. write the meaning of all words that they have listed.


1. Teacher introduces the ‘Word Challenge’ game to the pupils.

2. Teacher divides the pupils into group of three.

3. Teacher instructs the pupils on how to play this game.

4. Teacher tells the pupils that they need to look at the 6 letters provided in the game to form as much words that they can create with minimum of 3 letters.

5. Teacher reminds the pupils to think of the word and type quickly as they need to create as much words as they can within the estimated time.

6. After that, pupils are to search the meaning of the word by pointing the cursor to the word to look for the meaning.

7. After the time is over, teacher will look which is the ‘Vocabulary Type’ of their ranking among their friends.

8. Then, teacher asks the pupils to list down all the words with their meanings that they have created before.

9. Teacher then lets them read out the words so that others also will learn the vocabulary.

10. Finally, teacher announces the winner of the game.

That’s all about the game. Hope it is beneficial enough for you to use in your future classroom. GOOD LUCK! (“,)

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Hi, readers! How was your holiday? I really enjoyed mine. And for my Chinese tutor and friends, hope it is still not too late for me to wish HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Where is my angpow? Hehe.. Okay. Enough about that. Let us talk about ICT’s assignment. For this entry, I would choose to write about one of the ICT software that we can use in teaching and learning.

So, have you ever heard what KERPOOF is? Its name is weird but catchy, right? Honestly, I also haven’t heard about Kerpoof before. But then, now I have taken a look on it and get familiar with it.


As the introduction let me explain what Kerpoof is about. Kerpoof is all about having fun, discovering things, and being creative by using multimedia software. Through Kerpoof, you can make your teaching and learning becomes fun and enjoyable, but still considered on its educational value. Let us take a few minutes to watch this short video on how Kerpoof looks like. ^_^


Have you finished watching the video above? From there itself you may see there are so many things that you can use for your teaching and learning activities in the classroom. There are:

This activity is really beneficial for the students to learn and improve their spelling knowledge as well as their vocabulary. The students can spell any word in order to get the picture appear. For example, if they spell ‘CAR’, then the picture of a few cars will appear for them to choose.


This is another activity which will help the students create their own movie. This software is really easy for the students to use as they just need to choose any scene that they like, drag the animation, background music and many more to produce a movie. Through this, teachers can see the students’ creativity and indirectly, students’ thinking skills can be developed.


Traditionally, teachers always ask their students to make a card such as birthday card or Hari Raya card using manila card and colours. This time, teachers can make the activity more interesting by using Kerpoof tool to ask the students to make a card. Students sure will love it as they can use many pictures to be included in the card. Thus, their card will be more beautiful and creative.


In this activity, students’ creativity can be seen clearer compared to other activities as they can use their own idea to draw any picture that they like. So, this is the opportunity that they can show their talents in drawing, and not just drag picture provided like in the other activities.


This is the time where students can show their creativity to describe a scene through make a picture using all the small pictures provided. Perhaps they can make a picture that is memorable or picture of a theme.


Instead of making a video, students also have chances to make a story. They can use their own story line and their imagination to form an interesting story. Then, perhaps they can tell the story in front of their class.


In short, Kerpoof also helps teachers in teaching process and allows students to share their work, use discussion forums, rate each other’s projects, chat and collaborate in a moderate environment.


As we all know, this tool requires the internet connection to be used. So, as most of the schools do not have internet connection, thus, it is hard to apply and use this tool in school. Plus, sometimes the students are just playing around with the tool without paying attention to teacher’s instruction as it is impossible for the teacher to control and monitor all computers using by the students. So, they might be wasting their time through playing with the tool.


As for me, I think this Kerpoof can be used any time as long as the internet connection is there. In addition, teachers also can apply this into all topics during teaching and learning activities as it does not limit into a few topics only. Moreover, to make it interesting, perhaps teachers can use it as a competition during English Day, such as make the most interesting video, the best story, or the beautiful scenery in a picture. Or else, teachers also can use it as one of the ways to assess the students’ learning.


This multimedia software is really easy for the teachers as well as the students to use as all the things that we need such as music, picture or space to write any text are there. There is also guidance ‘How To Play’ that we can take a look in order to get better understanding on how to use the tools. What makes me interested to use and choose this Kerpoof is because of another related software which is ‘Kerpoof Scholastics’ as it provides lessons plans and educational standards for the teachers to use. Thus, this will help the teachers to use the tool easier as all the guidelines are there. Weeeee!!!


As I have explored this tool, I think it is really suitable for the primary school students as it contains all the criteria needed by them. Yes, it is colourful! Enjoyable! Attractive! People like our age also really love it, right? So, what I can say is we as teachers also very suitable to learn and use Kerpoof.

ALL IN ALL… I really want to use this useful multimedia software for myself as well as for my students. And of course, I will promote this to my friends. Hehe… ^_^

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T.P.A.C.K vs C.L.A.S.S.R.O.O.M

January 23, 2011 at 1:53 am (Uncategorized)

Have you ever heard about TPACK before? Honestly, me myself did not know and never heard about this before, until it is being introduced by during ICT course. So, generally, what TPACK is about?

• Pedagogical Content Knowledge: How to teach particular content-based material

• Technological Content Knowledge: How to select and use technologies to communicate particular content knowledge

• Technological Pedagogical Knowledge: How to use particular technologies when teaching

So, do you get a clear idea what TPACK is about based on the above diagram? Hope it helps a bit! Now, let us see how does it relate to a lesson that I have used for my practicum.

These are some brief information about the lesson that I used:

Class                                             : 4 Selasih (Average and low proficiency).

Enrolment                                 : 28 pupils.

Topic                                           : Occupations.

Focussed Skills                        : Listening Skill.

Integrated Skills                      : Speaking Skill.

Learning Outcome                  : 1.6 Listen to and enjoy the rhyme, rhythm, and sounds of poems, jazz chants and songs.

2.1 Speak clearly by pronouncing words accurately.

Curriculum Specifications   : Pupils should be able to:

1.6.1 Listen to and enjoy children’s songs, rhymes, and poems.

2.1.5 Chant rhymes, jazz chants and sing songs pronouncing words clearly.

Behavioural Objectives      : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

1.  fill in the missing word by underlining at least 5 out of 8 occupations correctly.

2.  mime action based on the job card.


In this lesson, I have used some technological tools such as LCD projector, laptop and speaker. All these tools were very important for my teaching as I need to use them in order to show a video song to the students. The video song was very useful to the students for this lesson as it contains a number of occupations and the jobs that they do. So, these technology tools really helped me to convey all the content to the students. Together with this video song, I also added a task sheet for them to complete on while there were listening to the video. This was to make them focused on the occupations listed in the video and remember the jobs by filling in the blanks in the task sheet. Below is the video song that I have used in the lesson:


MODELLING: I started the lesson by giving information to them where I taught them about the vocabulary of the occupations that they might find out in the lesson. This was to let them know the meaning of the jobs and understand the lesson well. I used power point presentation where I showed them a picture of a job and the correct spelling. Then I explained what does the people do in his job.


Total Physical Response: As we all know, TPR really helps in students active participation. Thus, I have used this technique in one of the activities where the students. Students were required to play a role of a job and their friends were to guess the name of the job.

Cooperative Learning: Apart from that, I also inculcated cooperative behaviour among the students where they need to work in group duirng role play and guessing game. This was to make them learn how to work with each other to make a task done successfully.


As I mentioned above, I have used technological tools to impart the knowledge. I chose the most appropriate video song and made my own power point presentation to ensure that what content to be delivered was successfully learned by them. I realized that technology and pedagogy really help me to impart the content towards the students as it made my work easier and really attractive yet useful as the students really loved to learn the lesson on that day.


I can say that nowadays technology helps teacher to be creative. After reflected on my lesson, then I realized that I have used TPACK in my lesson even though I did not know what it is about until it is being introduced in the class. Perhaps I may use TPACK method again and again during my future teaching. (“,)

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A very good day, readers! In this new entry, I want to share my ten wish list that I hope to become true one day.

So, do read this entry and figure out what are all the ten wishlist!

I wish…

10: there will be a mini cyber cafe in the school.

This may sound a bit weird. But as a teacher, I think it is necessary to have a mini cyber cafe in school. Perhaps, through having a cyber cafe, students may be exposed to use ICT to the maximum as some of them still do not have computers at home. So, this is the time where they can use ICT tools and become familiar with it. However, the school administrators should ensure that the students only can play games that are related to their studies such as language games or calculation.

I wish…

9: a carnival of IT will be conducted in school.

During this carnival, teachers may invite expertise in IT field to conduct a lesson on how to use the ICT tools, not only for the students, but also for the teachers as not all the teachers have the knowledge in IT. Plus, maybe there are some sellers that may come to the carnival to sell IT tools for a cheaper price compare to the market price. Moreover, some competitions also can be held during this carnival where it involves ICT tools. Thus, through all these actities, teachers and students will be more familiar with ICT and can buy some tools for them.

I wish…

8: there should be a timetable to use computer lab.

As in my experience, some of the teachers did not have the chances to use and bring their students into computer lab because there were teachers that always go in there without gave any chances to other teachers to use. Thus, it is important for a school to set up a timetable for the teachers to use the computer lab so that all the students and teachers have the chances to use computer lab at least once a week. Perhaps it may become a compulsory for that particular teacher to use the computer lab so that he/she will make use the chances.

I wish…

7: an assistant will be there to help the teachers.

Sometimes teachers want to bring their students into the computer lab but they always think about the time constrain. They think they need much time to set up all the ICT tools such as LCD projector, laptop and speaker. Thus, they prefer to use the traditional method. Because of that, I think that it is important for a computer lab to have a person that can in charge all the set up. The teacher just need to go inside and insert his/her thumb drive to start the lesson. This will make the teacher’s work become faster and easier.

I wish…

6: e-learning will be exposed to the teachers and students.

A school should be encouraged to use e-learning in every subject so that every teacher will be familiar with e-learning and students also will be motivated to learn through ICT and not only through traditional method such as ‘chalk and talk’.

I wish…

5: there will be some courses for the teachers and students to attend to get more knowledge on ICT.

Perhaps in the future all teachers are required to attend the ICT courses to know more about ICT. This is because lots of teachers do not know how to use all the programs in the computer, how to set up the LCD projector, and how to use internet. Thus, it is very important to conduct some courses for the teachers to let them familiar with ICT. In additon, students also should get the chances to attend the ICT courses to ensure that they know how to use it in their daily life or during class activities that are using ICT tools.

I wish…

4: internet can be connected easily at school.

Nowadays, internet is become a necessary in one’s life. Internet also will make the teachers’ lesson become interesting as they can get more resources from internet. Thus, I wish that in every school, there will be an internet connection to help the teachers’ work become easier.

I wish…

3: all teachers will be creative.

Creativity is very important to make the lesson interesting and attract the students’ attention. Thus, teachers should find methods in making the lesson interesting by using ICT in order to vary the teaching methods.

I wish…

2: teachers will be knowledgeable enough to make use the ICT tools in the school.

Without knowledge, we cannot handle unfamiliar things easily. So, teachers should learn on how to use all the ICT tools provided in school before they can use it to the maximum. They can learn from their friends, from a book or attending any courses. Perhaps they will make use the knowledge and apply it in the school.

I wish…

1: school will be equipped with ICT tools.

Most important thing that a school should have in order to encourage the teachers and students to use ICT is the ICT tools. A school should be equipped with the most useful ICT tools so that teachers can make use of it without any difficulties to find and bring it from home. However, the tools must be in a good condition as it is no use for having many ICT tools that are not working.


that’s all about my ten wishes! Hope the teachers, including me can make these wishes come true. However, what to be remembered is all must play their own responsibilities so that we can shape the future world, the future generation. Do use our knowledge and skills to the maximum.


Promises will be done by;


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Teaching Practice:The Best Experienced Ever

January 10, 2011 at 12:18 am (Uncategorized)

Salam and a very good day to all.. Referring to the topic for this post, I would like to share my experience on the teaching practice which was done on last semester in SK Petaling 2, Jalan Klang Lama. I went there with my partner, Mohd Faizal Iqbal and luckily we also had the same school with other partner, which is Mohd Loqman and Mohd Zulhuzni. As I went through all the 3 months of teaching practice, there were few experiences that I would like to share with you especially about ICT.

First, let me tell you some of the students’ background. I was been assigned to teach English subject for year 4 Selasih and Mathematics for year 3 Selasih. Most of the students’ parents were Indonesian. So what I could say about this is their level of proficiency are quite low. Due to this, they did not understand on what was I talking about as they were not so good in English. Because of this, I need to use Malay language most of the time to ensure that the students could do all the activities and task given to them. Moreover, I tried to find another way of teaching in order to improve their level of understanding in English and to attract them to learn English subject. So, the solution was by using ICT tools as I knew that students love to learn through ICT.




Our school’s headmistress.









Me and my students. ^_^





In the school, I could see that there were facilities such as computer lab, LCD projector, and radio for the teacher to use for their teaching, instead of using the traditional method. However, some of the teachers did not use the facilities well. What I meant is, sometimes the teachers brought the students to the ICT lab. But they did not make use of the ICT tools inside there. They just used marker and white board. So, when I wanted to bring my students to the ICT lab as I wanted to use LCD projector inside it, I need to share the class with the other teacher. So that situation made me difficult to teach and my students also could not concentrate on my lesson. Thus, I can only use the ICT tools for few times only as I will make sure that there was no class using the lab. Then only I will bring my students there. So here I would to share some of the things that I used together with the ICT tools during my teaching practice.

1: Power point presentation.


This is one of the sample of power point slides that I used for the Mathematics lesson on mass topic. Usually, teacher keeps using textbook and actual weighing scale in his teaching. So I felt that through this power point presentation, students were more interested in learning this topic. And as the result, they really enjoyed the lesson. I also used the actual weighing scale to see their understanding and yes, they were able to use it. From here, I could see that the power point really helped their understanding.

2: Video/Song.


This is another sample that I used in my teaching. I always used video or song during my teaching. This is because I believed that through songs, students will enjoy the lesson and learn easily. And as what can I see from the lesson, the students could remember the song very well and they really learned from it, and not just for fun. At first, they did not know what are the meanings of some occupations. But after listening to the song and watch the video, they were able to know and remember the meaning well.


3: Games.


I also used games using internet during my lesson. Since my laptop was able to connect to the internet, so I used the facility by using games in Mathematics class, for the topic of time. This game really interactive and the students enjoyed playing it. I think I was lucky enough to have this facility as I could helped the students to take part and enjoys in their learning.


That’s all about the experience of my teaching practice that I wanted to share with you. At first I also did not know how to connect the LCD projector to the laptop and all the set up. I asked my friend to help me. Luckily, after that I was able to handle it my self. I was really happy as I learned new thing that was very beneficial. Hopefully the teachers in that school will make use the ICT tools provided in the school because I think most of the facilities were there. It just that the teachers need to be more creative in creating more interesting activities by using ICT tools. And I hope you also will use all the ICT tools provided in your future school.

Good luck! ^_^


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Hello world!

January 4, 2011 at 7:55 am (Uncategorized)

Hye readers! Welcome to my new upgraded blog. I think it is a quite long time ago that we stop from blogging, right? So this is the time that we need to start blogging again. Perhaps this final semester will run smoothly and we can get good results. Last but not least, hopefully it is still not too late for me to wish Happy New Year 2011 and good luck for our final semester! Do read my blog and give comment on it. ^_^

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